Riverdale: Faster Pussycats! Kill! Kill! Review

After months of being lied to Betty finally decides to track down her sister Polly at “the sisters of quiet mercy” and find out the truth about Jason.


As predicted, when Betty comes face to face with her sister, she learns that Polly is indeed pregnant with Jason’s baby. Polly claims that she and Jason were going to run away from their controlling parents and start a new life together, which ties in perfectly with Cheryl’s story. Still, Polly does come off more than a little unhinged so it makes sense that Betty and Jughead are a little sceptical until they see the car Jason had stashed away in the woods.

In last week’s episode Trev told Betty that Jason had been selling drugs and there are some drugs under his jacket when Betty and Jughead find the car. The fact that someone burns the car and destroys this evidence could point to the drug dealers being involved in Jason’s death or it could be the Coopers attempting to invalidate Polly’s claims though that doesn’t make as much sense.


Polly does go missing at some point after Betty and Jughead are dragged out by Mrs Cooper giving her enough time to find the car and destroy it. Maybe Jason was running away from Polly, maybe she killed him and her parents sent her away to protect her. She does seem pretty crazy and Betty’s parents seem to know more than they’re letting on. The highlight of the episode has to be Betty’s mom Alice laughing at the idea of her husband killing Jason.

Jughead and Betty have known each other since childhood and all this sleuthing has definitely brought them closer together. In recent comics Jughead has been deemed asexual so there are some complaints that he kissed her, but if you’ve been paying attention to the comic strips included in these reviews you’ll know that Riverdale is often vastly different from Archie comics and that’s okay. If you are looking for media representation of asexuality then give BoJack Horseman a try.


Veronica nailed Archie with that ginger Judas comment. Though not everyone has a parent in jail, most people will be able to relate to Veronica who is left hanging on by her “whiskers” when she can’t seem to find anyone who is loyal to her. Seeing her become a Pussycat was fun, but will it stick? She was willing to go back on stage with Archie which will apparently cost you one of your nine lives.

Not to insult the intelligence of Mrs Lodge, but she couldn’t have possibly thought Veronica was going to sign the contract to give the construction job to Archie’s dad so why bother asking before forging her daughter’s signature? She could have gotten away with it, but it was just another blow to the quickly disintegrating relationship Veronica and her share.


The struggle between living your dream and making money is, unfortunately, very real. Not everyone gets what they want, as Grundy said about dreams “somethings that’s all they are”. Josie is under enormous pressure to be a legitimate artist. It’s pretty much the polar opposite of where Archie and his dad started and that’s really interesting to explore especially in a character that until now was mostly just there to be a diva.

So #TeamVal seems to be sticking around as this version of Archie has about as much interest in dating Betty and Veronica as Kevin does, which is zero by the way. Are you a #TeamVal fan? How about Bughead? What ever happened to Joaquin?


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