Riverdale: Heart of Darkness Review

With Jason’s funeral looming over the people of Riverdale, the debate about who Jason was comes back to the surface. “Everyone has an opinion, has been gossiping. Saying he got what he deserved or he didn’t”.


Betty is arguably one of the people who hated Jason most. She was made hate him by her parents telling stories about how he destroyed her sister’s life, but the details always eluded her. When she meets Jason’s grandmother, who mistakes her for Polly, Betty’s whole world view is challenged. Jason loved Polly. They were engaged and he gave her a family heirloom as an engagement ring.

This revelation forces Betty to look at her parents as suspects, but if you killed someone would you really be as openly happy about their death? Most people would probably make an effort to keep their names off the suspect least, but the Coopers have actively printed stories scandalising Jason’s death. While it is true that by turning it into a scandal they have distracted people from the actual investigation, it’s a risky move that draws a lot of attention their direction.

Granny Blossom.jpg

After a night with the Blossom family, Veronica can see how lucky she is to have parents that actually like her. The relationship between Cheryl and Veronica has been interesting since day one, but the more layers that are pealed back on Cheryl, the more natural their budding friendship seems.

Mr and Mrs Blossom would probably make most people feel lucky about their parents, but could one of them be the killer? Grandma Blossom did say Penelope, Cheryl’s mom, would snap the ring off Polly’s finger if she seen it. Maybe she hit Jason by mistake? If he really did love Polly it’s not hard to believe he’d get in between her and his mother.


Speaking of Polly, where the hell is she? Next week’s episode will bring answers, but for the time being all we have to go on are the bits of information dropped by the Coopers. What if she didn’t lose her mind at all? According to Betty’s dad, she’s sick and will be back when she isn’t sick anymore. What if by sick he means pregnant? Nothing sparks a proposal faster than an unplanned pregnancy.

According to Trev, Jason had been selling drugs in an effort to raise money before he ran off. Maybe he was dealing for the Serpents, which could mean that Jughead’s father or even Kevin’s new secret boyfriend Joaquin were involved in Jason’s murder.


Meanwhile, Archie used Jason’s funeral as a chance to reflect on the two loves of his life football and music, no not Betty and Veronica he’s not very interested in them. With the help of Val, the only girl he seems attracted too right now, Archie learns not to let other people dictate his confidence in his own ability. While #TeamVal probably isn’t going to last, the two have great chemistry together.

This week’s highlight has to be Cheryl and her white funeral attire. Who’s your favourite character? Do you want Val and Archie to last? Are you a Betty or a Veronica?


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