Riverdale: The Last Picture Show Review

“So where you gonna live now?” said the killer from Scream (1996) #HeDidIt.


Maybe Betty isn’t the nicest person in Riverdale after all. She spent a whole episode being mad at Archie and Veronica for going into a closet together, but when she completely outs Archie and Grundy she’s instantly forgiven. Plus, she broke into Grundy’s car and stole a gun. Betty wasn’t even surprised that her mother read her diary, though can you blame her she’d just found a gun in her angel’s bedroom.

Archie might not have been so forgiving if he hadn’t literally just called things off with Ms Grundy who apparently isn’t actually an identity stealing psychopath like the promo would have you believe. The truth is she’s a domestic abuse survivor or she is lying to cover up her identity stealing ways. It’s probably the latter. Grundy has apparently left town now, but that’s not going to last long.


Both Kevin and Veronica have run-ins with the Southside Serpents. Kevin, the son of the sheriff, almost had a boyfriend he wouldn’t have to keep secret except for the fact that boy is part of a biker gang. Isn’t that always the way. Veronica’s problem with the Serpents is a little more complicated, because seeing her mother paying one of them basically confirmed her worst fears about her father.

While all this is happening, Jughead is desperately trying to save the Twilight drive-in from being shut down by an anonymous buyer who turns out to be Veronica’s dad. The revelation that Jughead is actually the homeless son of a biker added yet another layer to a character who is quickly becoming the best thing in the show.


Riverdale just keeps getting better even if the identity of Jason’s killer is as mysterious as ever. With the Serpents just entering the story, it might be that the person responsible for Jason’s death hasn’t actually appeared on screen yet. Then again, no one wanted him dead more than Betty’s mom.


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