Riverdale: A Touch of Evil Review

“Most of the time the people we like don’t like us back”, said Veronica teaching Betty a much needed lesson.


The first episode did a great job setting up the overall plot of the show and now that that’s out of the way we get to dive deeper into the people who live in Riverdale. This weeks highlight has to be Betty who went from sugar, spice and everything nice to literally threatening to kill Cheryl. Does crazy run in the Cooper family? Probably, but Betty’s still off the suspect list for now.

Since the opening minutes of the pilot we knew that Jason Blossom was dead, but was that part of an act he and Cheryl were putting on? In her emotional breakdown, Cheryl tells Veronica that Jason was “supposed to come back”. Cheryl is later arrested when Jason’s autopsy reveals the true time of his death and she’s anything but surprised.


After Jason’s body was found, with a bullet hole in it, the only reason for Archie and Grundy to come forward was to help police with the timeline of events, but Jason died a week later meaning the gun shot Archie heard wasn’t the same one that killed Jason. He’d be in the clear if Jughead hadn’t found out about him and Grundy.

The relationship between Ms Grundy and Archie is strange. They both seem to be manipulating each other. At one point Archie asks if the relationship means anything, because if it doesn’t it isn’t worth keeping secret. He’s forcing her to say that it’s meaningful and she goes along with it to keep him quiet.


Now that Jughead knows, and clearly doesn’t approve, it seems like Grundy’s days at the school are numbered. Maybe he’ll keep their secret until it’s published in his book. Cole Sprouse is still the weakest part of the show in terms of acting, but his character is definitely shaking things up as he gets closer to the centre of the story.

Riverdale started off strong and is getting even better. With complex characters and a slowly deepening mystery it’s an exciting watch that will leave you patiently waiting for the next episode.


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