The Reptile Room Review

Count Olaf has been defeated so the three Baudelaire orphans are put into the custody of their rightful guardian Uncle Monty who studies snakes and has several veils of poisonous venom. What could possibly go wrong?


Dr Montgomery Montgomery may be a scientist, but like most adults in the Baudelaire’s lives he can’t see through Olaf’s crazy disguises. Instead he believes that Stefano, Olaf in case you couldn’t tell, is a spy sent to steal his work; a mistake that he pays for with his life.

Aasif Mandvi plays Uncle Monty who is arguably the most suitable guardian for the orphans, but this isn’t the first time Monty has been adapted to live action. The first three guardians all appeared in the 2004 movie and were portrayed by big name actors. Billy Connolly played the movie version of Uncle Monty. He and Aasif Mandvi made similar acting choses and both were really well suited to the role.


Just like in the book, Olaf murders Monty in an effort to take back custody of the children. This isn’t the first time Olaf has killed in the series, but with the reveal that the Baudelaire parents are still alive it seems odd that he’s so cold blooded. Why not really kill them? Maybe Olaf had nothing to do with them being kidnapped and genuinely thinks they’re dead?

Either way it seems as though the series of unfortunate events is going to end in a very happy way, which is kind of disappointing and a let-down to anyone who may relate to being orphaned and find comfort in the books. Again, having not read the entire book series this is only speculation as it could be completely different.


Tying together the story of the children and their parents is the presence of Jacquelyn played excellently by Sara Canning. Jacquelyn is occasionally secretary to the frustratingly naïve Poe, but more importantly she’s the one sending secret messages and tracking down Olaf. She may appear in later books, but her role in the Netflix series is one of the shows highlights.

All the deviations might help spice up the story for fans who are already familiar with the twists and turns of the Baudelaire’s story, but does it lower the stakes too much if the kids have a super spy always watching over them?


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