The Shannara Chronicles “Changeling” Review

Four episodes in to the Shannara Chronicles, are you ready for a bottle episode?


For those who don’t know, a bottle episode is a way for studios to save money by featuring as few extras or guest stars as possible and only using sets that have already been built for the show and in this episode of Shannara Chronicles they pull it off fairly well.

The majority of the episode is set in the palace and because the main cast are keeping a secret there aren’t a lot of extras floating around to overhear it. To save on the visual effects budget, the gang must outsmart a shapeshifter who might be the only demon on the show that can be played by physical actors and that’s probably why he miraculously came back to life at the end.


This episode was not as interesting as the previous ones. Possibly because it focused so heavily on the love triangle between Amberle, Wil and Eretria. The Ellcrys told Amberle that she wasn’t allowed to pull a Katniss and spend all her time trying to find romance, but she was clearly not happy about it. To make it sting more, Wil went and slept with Eretria in a classic case of fictional men really not being able to say no to sex.

Wil didn’t trust Eretria, he didn’t like her and he had to know that Amberle would find out ruining his chances with her. This episode just highlighted how stupid, irrational and petty Wil and Amberle truly are. Amberle was willing to fail her mission rather than admit that Eretria was in her vision.


At least the Bandon mystery seems to be solved. He’s a sear. He sees people’s deaths. Granted not the nicest of powers, but he seems to be using them for good. He’s probably going to start a romance with the handmaid he saved, which could potentially be just as irritating as the current relationship drama.

Allanon deciding to stay behind and protect the palace seemed like a real cop out and it’s hard to believe the King would let his granddaughter go without the man who is best equipped to keep her alive, though it’s perfectly understandable that Allanon doesn’t want to keep listening to the drama.

Taking a turn down a hill, the fourth episode of Shannara Chronicles may be a solitary misstep or a sign of things to come.


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