The Shannara Chronicles “Fury” Review

With Allanon injured, Wil and Amberle are left to fend for themselves. Can they make it back to the Ellcrys without him? Not if Eretria has anything to say about it.


Somehow MTV has managed to maintain the amazing special effects from the 2 hour premiere, because episode 3 looks just as impressive. The furies while not as interesting in terms of abilities as the changeling, who will come back into play in next weeks episode, were really well realised and didn’t seem out of place among the physical sets and actors who were actually there.

The fact that Wil and Amberle only lasted about five minutes without Allanon before the Rovers caught them just highlights their need for Eretria who has much better survival skills and is looking for any way to escape her uncaring father. The contrast between Eretria’s family and Amberle’s is an interesting one that led to an epic miscalculation on Amberle’s part when she thought that Eretria’s father would want to save his daughter’s life.


That wasn’t the only time Amberle showed poor judgement in the episode. Deciding to let Bandon away with not revealing why his parents had kept him locked up could come back to bite her later in the series. Maybe he is like her and will use his glimpses of the future for good, but he could just as easily send her and Wil to their death. Allanon’s line about not being able to guarantee Amberle’s safety if they brought Bandon back with them was great, it showed a sort of robotic, calculated confidence.

Obviously to move the plot along the gang had to convince the Elfin council that the quest is real and important, but it was frustrating that at no point did Wil or Allanon just prove the existence of magic and convince the council that way. Though Wil’s introduction as the last of the Shannara bloodline has probably put murder on the brain of Amberle’s uncle who is supposed to be next in line for the throne, but may be overtaken.


The episode ends with Amberle entering the Ellcrys for judgement. If she’s worthy to take on the quest it will give her the seed, if not it will kill her. Odds of it killing her are fairly low since she’s one of the leads, but it’d be a nice Game of Thrones level twist if the tree just spit out her bones.

The Shannara Chronicles continues on its path to becoming a must watch show. Be sure to tune in next week and then come back here and leave your thoughts on what you liked and didn’t like about the episode.


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